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附件1 Reader is ready 🔮📖

Last year, we announced that we were working on our very own, fully integrated read-it-later app called Reader. Today, we're excited to share that Reader is now in full public beta and ready for you to use 🙂

附件2 How will Reader be priced?

Once Reader officially exits beta sometime in 2023, we intend to reprice Readwise/Reader for new subscribers thereafter. Pricing is really hard and complex so we candidly haven't figured out the exact plans yet. But regardless, we don't intend to increase pricing on existing full subscribers at that time. This means that if you subscribe while Reader is in beta, you'll get lifetime access for $7.99/month (billed annually) as part of our current Readwise Full plan.

附件3 ChatGPT生成的信件

Dear Readwise developers,

I am writing to request a discount for users in developing countries. My name is [Your Name] and I am from [Your Country]. I recently started using Readwise and I am very impressed by the features and benefits of the software.

As a user in a developing country, I face unique economic challenges that make it difficult for me to afford the full price of the software. I would greatly appreciate a discount to support my use of Readwise.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to continuing to use Readwise and benefiting from its features.

[Your Name]